Hi, call me Bell :)I'm a freelance video editor in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand.

I take your GoPro, drone, or any other footage from holidays, events, weddings, etc - sort through it to find the best clips, and then perfectly match the clips with your song choice to create a captivating short edit.

Why work with me?

Pro grade software

Final Cut Pro and Motion are my daily drivers but I also have Premiere Pro and After Effects for projects that require them.

Years of experience

I've been editing video since 2016 and in that time received hundreds of five star reviews on the Fiverr platform.

Affordable, easy pricing

I have a simple online pricing form. My edits start at just $50.00 or for more custom tasks, $10 per hour.

How it works

It's really easy to get started. Follow these steps:

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